Turn your mobile device into a microscope

Let out the scientist inside you and let curiosity consume you—all of that made possible by Catalyst Frame Microscope. This is not your ordinary and boring microscope. For starters, it turns your smartphone/tablet into your very own and portable microscope allowing you to see objects that is too small for the naked eye. And did I mention it fits quite incredibly inside your pocket?



This is your classic, bulky, and not-so-handy microscope on the left, and your innovative and portable Catalyst Frame on the right. The physical difference is very significant, but the Catalyst Frame maintained the powerful 30/50/170 or 30/170/340 magnification features of the regular sized microscope. So how does it work? The Catalyst Frame is basically compatible to any smartphone or tablet with an auto-focus camera feature. Be it a budget or an expensive mobile device, this mini microscope turns your phone/tablet into something remarkable. 

Easy as pie, clean as a whistle

 The Catalyst Frame microscope is very easy to use. It utilises a reusable adhesive backing to attach onto the back of your device. You can also use it even with your protective case still on which is a plus point for this accessory. What’s more amazing about the Catalyst Frame microscope is that you can capture everything you see into photo, video, panaroma, slow-mo or time-lapse format. The illumination is not a problem because the Catalyst Frame comes with a built-in LED with two AAA batteries for longer usage. Its smart design allows you to move your samples around using one hand while the other holds your device. Don’t worry about tarnishing your camera lens, and feel free to move your samples to your desired positions. There’s no direct contact between your samples and your camera lens so the former stays raw while the latter stays pristine.


Big things come in small packages

 With a size slightly bigger than your standard lighter, the Catalyst Frame microscope doesn’t run short when it comes to its main purpose—that is magnifying small objects. This detachable microscope will be available in 30/50/170 times optical magnification. Creator Jing Luo is now encouraging pledges for $129 or more which he will return via a powerup of 30/170/340 times optical magnification. This amazing  Kickstarter project has garnered more than 130 pledges amounting to $13, 000+ funds. Better hit the Back this Project button now so you’ll be one of the first backers to receive your very own Catalyst Frame Microscope.


What’s Next?

Innovation is now becoming a daily basis with inventors concepting ideas, and eventually turning them into pure awesomeness. Who knew your rear camera can be used to something else? Speaking of unconventional, have you heard of oPhone? That technology which allows users to smell photos? Crazy, right? But that is just epic. Indeed, another ingenius way to use your mobile devices’ camera.

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