Turn your mobile device into a microscope

Let out the scientist inside you and let curiosity consume you—all of that made possible by Catalyst Frame Microscope. This is not your ordinary and boring microscope. For starters, it turns your smartphone/tablet into your very own and portable microscope allowing you to see objects that is too small for the naked eye. And did I mention it fits quite incredibly inside your pocket?



This is your classic, bulky, and not-so-handy microscope on the left, and your innovative and portable Catalyst Frame on the right. The physical difference is very significant, but the Catalyst Frame maintained the powerful 30/50/170 or 30/170/340 magnification features of the regular sized microscope. So how does it work? The Catalyst Frame is basically compatible to any smartphone or tablet with an auto-focus camera feature. Be it a budget or an expensive mobile device, this mini microscope turns your phone/tablet into something remarkable. 

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Smartwatch with shocking feats

A shocking new addition adds to the list of notable smartwatches. The latest contender in the battle between the best wearable tech comes from one of the most celebrated and renowned timepiece manufacturer, Casio G-Shock.


Its latest addition, the GB-X6900, is equipped with top class functionalities that matches even that of the leading smartwatches in the markets today. Although it has been badgered intensively and labeled as a mere "watch-with-certain-features watch" rather than to be called as a smartwatchbecause apparently, it does not showcase its own operating system and does not have a touchscreen capability, the GB-X6900 is still a watch that you should look out for. In my opinion, those are just luxury additions and not a smartwatch requirement. LED technology installed in a smartwatch compromises its own battery life. Smartwatches with this technology can last up to hardly even a week. While on the other hand, the GB-X6900 is juiced up to last up to approximately 2 years of battery life. What would you rather choose? A smartwatch with all visual works? Or a watch that delivers just as much but with a longer battery life?


If this was a battle between toughness, surely Casio G-Shock's GB-X6900 watch has the upper hand. Coated with urethane resin and a shock-proof engineered structure, the GB-X6900 is tough enough to survive the rigors of today's outdoors. Not even a short free fall can stop this watch from ticking. If that does not get you amazed, how about a 200 meter water resistance? If toughness was the game, the GB-X6900 will clearly bag the award for the most outstanding display of durability under the smartwatch platform. Truly, Casio G-Shock, have lived up to their name for creating a watch that never breaks.


So what else is in store for you under this great timepiece from Casio G-Shock? As I’ve indicated earlier, it is equipped with top class functionalities that provide its users added convenience. One of the major and notable features is the watch's notification capability. The watch alerts you of incoming calls, text and even emails. Plus, in addition, the watch can also remotely control your smartphone's media. Making use of the watch's physical buttons, which are located at the side of the watch's body, you can now play, pause, adjust the volume and play the next track on your playlist. These controls can be personally customized by the use of the G-Shock+ app available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The G-Shock+ app is also an essential part in the watch and smartphone pairing. Plus, the app allows you to execute various commands to fully take control of your watch's operations. One more surprising feat is the Phone Finder feature. With a simple button operation, the watch signals your paired smartphone to produce a beep even when it is on silent mode. Locating your smartphone is now made simple minus the ruckus and rummage and not to mention your mini heart attacks whenever you lose sight of your phone.


The downside is the compatible device issue. Currently, it only has a handful of smartphones to pair up with. The short list of phone models includes some devices from Apple and Samsung including the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 5S.  However, there are rumors that Casio G-Shock will be releasing a new model for the Bluetooth watch series. The said model is rumored to be compatible with other noteworthy smartphones such the HTC One M8 and various mobile units from other leading mobile brands. With this move, Casio G-Shock may bring more consumers into the G-Shock hype promoting better sales and bigger impact on the watch’s popularity over tech-savvy people. As we all know, G-Shock watches' looks, durability and supreme functionalities stood the test of time. With that being said, they earn the right to be labeled as a timeless strap on timepiece. And now equipped with the technology that copes up with the latest trends and innovation, Casio G-Shock's Bluetooth watches can be considered as a worthy competitor in the pool of various smartwatches as it rivals their innovative features, design and of course their durability rating.


The Casio G-Shock's GB-X6900 is really something to look out for. Exemplary ratings on all aspects plus a well-known company as their manufacturer, the GB-X6900 has the ability to create its own hype and climb up to the top. Knocking all of its competitors along the way as it proves to be deservingly seated on top of the list.






Why do you need a case for your Smartphones?

People love their gadgets and will do everything to protect them to make them look cool and new as if they just came out of their boxes. Although some might think that these cases are only for meticulous people who only care about keeping their phone pristine, I guess there’s more to it than that. One possible reason is because they want to invest on these kinds of high-end devices. 

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iPhone 5c: Is It Worth It?

Who could have imagined that Apple would release a cheaper iPhone? Most people—if not all—are well aware that the iPhone Generations sure do cost a real pretty penny, not until the release of iPhone 5c. Or, would you rather really think that the ‘C’ in iPhone 5c really stands for “cheap”? Let’s find out.



What makes this handset device stand out is because it comes in various funky shades—all intended to boost the aesthetics. It comes in white, red, yellow, blue, and green. So, if ever you’re going to choose phone cases for iPhone 5c, your choice of designs would then be limited to clear cases so as to not counter the style or the color it flaunts—or you could at least find some swanky iPhone 5c cases that could let you mix and match with colors. And with that being said, the ‘C’ would definitely make a stand for “color”. Is this yet another reason to love iPhone? It is quite more engaging and delightful, I say.

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